$99 Social Reviews & Testimonials

Read reviews from some of our customers, both past and present.

Belle N.

Reseller & Managing Director

"I am pleasantly surprised by the level of support I have been receiving. The content was beyond what I had expected. I am now getting triple digit engagement numbers on the content created. I love that I am able to adjust as needed and that my support is always open to the changes. Thats reassuring."

Kenneth G.

Business Owner

"$99 Social has helped my small business create a dynamic social media presence. They ably develop specially worded tweets and posts for my targeted customers and it is paying off for us. As a small business, this has helped us immensely since we are always in the field and have limited time to managed our social media accounts. They are easy to work with and very responsive to our requests for changes in the posting language.  I have recommended them highly to many other small business owners and will continue to do so."

Sam S.

Reseller & Marketing Manager

"I wanted to let you know that I love everything that has been posted to my accounts so far! You guys really have helped me out a lot. I’d also like to say how pleased I am with the great job your company is doing!!! Fantastic customer service!!"

Martina F.

Small Business Owner

"Love the service you guys have been doing for me, the posts have been awesome, and I have seen the followers increase little by little everyday."

Kelly S.

Business Owner

"You are really a class act. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing - great content mixed with this kind of customer service from you is most important."

Neil W.

Small Business Owner

"Thank you very much to you and your team for such lovely. I really like the tone and professionalism of the posts it’s exactly the way I wanted my business to be portrayed. You have been doing a great job so far.  The amount of activity clearly is helping get the word out."

Lizzie M.

Reseller & Business Owner

"The posts you are doing are making me look good! Yeah! You are my secret weapon. We hit our goal, and could not have done it without you and your team! Thank you so much."

Ken L.

Small Business Owner

"I have been with you for only a few weeks and REALLY happy with the content you are posting. I NEVER would have thought of the things your company is posting. Thank you!!!"

Jaime W.

Small Business Owner

"So far I have been completely happy with your social media services. It has taken a lot off my plate for a reasonable price. Taking these little tasks off my plate has added valuable free time to create better content that allows me to share more meaningfully when I actually want to rather than scrambling to force it out every day."

Janeel R.

Small Business Owner

"$99 Social is a great service that helped us get started on social media. I appreciated how wonderfully easy it was to utilize them. They did a wonderful job of understanding our business and posted visually compelling material for our audience. As we fine tune our digital strategy, we plan to engage $99 Social even more!"

Roald J.

Small Business Owner

"I wanted to let you know that in the past (17) years I have never been busy helping customers as I have been this summer. Thank you to you and your team!"

Moises M.

Business Owner

"It has been a pleasure working with the $99 Social team. They have been handling my social media accounts for about a year. Excellent service at an incredible price. If you are looking to gain credibility on the internet, look no further. I am able to spend more time with my customers instead of at the computer. I have referred them to many friends and will continue to do so."