Jul 11, 2023

How To Get The Most Out Of A Content Creation Service

. You've done your research and you've picked us as your content creation service! Thank you! But now that you’ve hired $99 Social to curate fabulous content for your company,

How To Get The Most Out Of A Content Creation Service


How to get the most out of a content creation service

You've done your research and you've picked us as your content creation service! Thank you! But now that you’ve hired $99 Social to curate fabulous content for your company, you might be wondering what you need to do next. Any good marketing strategy is a collaborative effort between a client and the marketing professionals they hire to design and implement their strategy. While we’re working on our piece of the puzzle, there are a few things our most successful clients do to maximize our efforts.

Reach Out To Your Current Audience

Email your list (email subscribers, client list, etc.) and ask them to visit and like or follow your new/updated Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc. Getting the word out that you’ve revamped your online presence can help create a buzz and give the content we’re creating for you some solid traction right from the start.Offer promotions or have a giveaway to launch your new look. For example, have 15% off in your online shop when someone uses code NEWLOOK at checkout, or run a fun contest. Send us the details of your contests and promotions we can work those into the content we create for you too!Keeping the conversation going with your audience is the whole point here, and doing this can boost the returns you see from our service even further!

Send Us High-Quality Pictures To Use

High-quality pics are important!

Our standard content creation service does include finding beautiful, royalty-free stock pictures to use on your posts, so this is not a requirement. However, we’ve found that using pictures that are personalized to your company yields significantly better engagement, especially on Instagram. Send us all of your behind-the-scenes shots, product demos, employee pics, or anything else you’d like to see used on your socials.Your content specialist will create interesting posts around them, promoting your sales, showcasing your latest products, or highlighting your employee of the week! Having pictures straight from you means that we can create even better, more focused content.As a supplement to this, you can also create graphics for us to use! Canva is a great place to create sales flyers, product information graphics, text-based quote images, and anything else you'd like us to use for images. Graphics are a great way to convey a large amount of information quickly, especially when you're working with Twitter and their limited character count!

Add Socia Media Links To All Company Email Signatures

Take every opportunity to present people with a link to get back to your social media feeds. One of the easiest ways to do this is to jazz up your email signature. You can even design a beautiful email signature with Canva using hyperlinked social media icons instead of normal bulky URLs. It only takes about 250 milliseconds for the human brain to see, process, and attach meaning to a familiar picture (such as a social media icon) as opposed to the 2-3 seconds it takes them to process a URL. As an added bonus, using icons saves valuable space and keeps your signature neat and professional-looking. When you include these links or icons with every email you send out, you’re increasing the chances that people who are already interested in your business will interact with your social media.

Add Social Media Icons To Your Webpage

Add social media icons to your website.

Your webpage is the crown jewel of your online presence right? It’s the central hub for all the information you have out there, your products and services, and your company’s contact information. But what about social media? Shouldn’t your website also funnel people to your various social media channels?If you’ve hired a firm to design your beautiful website, you likely already have these links. If you don’t, get in touch with them immediately and ask them to add this in. This is a pretty standard practice today, so they should be able to easily accommodate you.However, if you’ve created your website yourself through something like Wix or Squarespace, this is a detail that’s easy to miss. Do some research into how to add these using their dashboard/website editor, it’s usually pretty easy to do. Ideally, these icons should be added to the header and/or footer. These are elements that appear on every page and give your site a cohesive look, so this is the best place to stick your icons.

Add A Share/Like Button To Every Blog Post

You’ve invested a ton of time and effort to write helpful and informative blog posts (or spent money to have them written). You can get the maximum benefit from your investment by making your content easily sharable.When people can repost the terrific information you’re sharing with them. This increases your reach and will organically generate more traffic to your site. How to do this depends on your blog or web host. Do some research into adding that option to your posts. It is normally a simple process of making a selection in your dashboard settings, but this will vary depending on your site.

Shamelessly Plug Your Business On Your Personal Accounts

Your personal social media is a great place to promote your business! Your friends and family can keep tabs on how your business is doing. You can also ask them to share specific posts for you to help get the word out about new content.One small word of caution about involving your personal Facebook account with your business. Make sure that everything else you post aligns with your company’s values or it could deter potential customers. One rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want it plastered on a billboard next to your face, don’t post it.You can also post links to your business’s social media platforms on your personal accounts (FB page, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Have others in your company do the same for their personal accounts!

Attach Your Social Media Information To All Printed Materials

QR Codes that link to your socials are a great thing to add to printed materials.

If you have a physical location or otherwise interact with live humans, you've probably created physical media of some sort. Posters, banners, leaflets, handouts, coupons, business cards, branded swag, or anything else you’re handing out to promote your business should contain information about how to find you on social media. For Twitter and Instagram, this is as easy as including your @BusinessName along with the appropriate icon. For everything else, QR codes are another great way to do this. You just need a QR Code Generator, then have it generate a code that links to your social media channels. It will give you downloadable images that you can then put on printed materials! Easy, right?When people who are walking by your shop or looking at your business card can whip out their phones and snap a pic to connect with your socials, it provides a huge boost to your reach!

Putting It Together

To sum it up, you should make a point to direct people to your social channels on anything and everything you can. Seriously... Anywhere you can stick a link, clickable icon, or QR code will make it easier for people to find you and increase your organic traffic. These efforts on your part will help you make the most of the content our expert copywriters are creating for you! The best part about it is that most of these measures are set-it-and-forget-it. For example, the email signatures and adding the like/share button to your blogs you'll only need to do once. A content creation service is but a single cog in the social media juggernaut that you’re creating. Working smarter-not-harder can have tremendous benefits!Reach out today to get started with $99 Social and see how professionally curated content can make a difference in your social media marketing. Our amazing plans and add-on features mean you can customize your package to your specific needs while keeping it affordable and on budget.

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