Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce our North American team of social media experts! By building a strong team of work-from-home pros, we've been able to provide awesome service to make our customers happy at every turn.

Heather Hart | Operations Manager

Heather Hart

Operations MANAGER

Heather is a book lover and a green thumb. She has excelled in social media in many capacities since 2011 while working on her second degree, this time in online marketing with an emphasis on web development and graphic design. With a bit of a nomadic spirit, she loves exploring different artistic mediums, including writing, painting, website coding, and organizational efficiency. Since joining the $99 Social squad in 2014, Heather has worked hard to build a strong and happy team while also improving customer experience through quality content and customer service. She lives with her family in the beautiful desert of Arizona.

Elyse Rookyard | Customer Support Specialist

Elyse Rookyard

Content Specialist MANAGER

This friendly, adventurous Canadian resides on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, you can find her hiking end and enjoy the beautiful rainforest that surrounds her. She has a degree in behavioral sciences, but with a love for fashion and a passion for client experience, she climbed the corporate ladder quickly in clothing retail and has spent most of her career working as a customer loyalty trainer for Canada with Gap Inc. Her years of experiences with training and development makes her the perfect fit for the CS Team Leader position.

Tyler Huck | Global Reseller Sales Manager

Tyler Huck

Global Reseller Sales MANAGER

Tyler brings his marketing knowledge combined with his extensive experience with social media to help $99 Social continue to grow its presence in the world of social media marketing . With a marketing degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA, he has used his background to apply it to the growing field of social media to help grow their presence and increase brand awareness. Outside of work, he can be found in the gym, on the hockey rink, or taking his dogs to the beach. Tyler is our Global Reseller Sales Manager, so he is your go-to contact if you're looking to outsource your social media management for your clients using our white label Reseller Program.

Teresa Benoit | Global Retail Sales Manager

Teresa Benoit

Global Retail Sales MANAGER

Teresa brings a positive attitude to the clients of 99 Dollar Social. As one of our very first employees with the company, our clients have enjoyed working with her in many capacities for several years now. Outside of work, Teresa is very passionate about music and attends many live music events throughout the year. Her love for animals is something very dear to her and she'll always be surrounded by fur babies. With a background mostly in business management, Teresa has always had a mindset of Entrepreneurship. After living many years in New York City, she came full circle, back to her roots in the New England area. She continues to nurture our clients, with the goal of working hard to assist them and their needs, as well as growing the business which continues to thrive today.

Andres Restrepo | Reseller Account Manager

Andres Restrepo

Reseller Account MANAGER

Andres has a degree in economics but has found his passion in helping people and companies grow their businesses. He has worked in different sectors and industries throughout his career and has discovered that combining knowledge of social media with the help of available technological tools can achieve great results. Andres really enjoys being in contact with people, and he will always be available to help you with everything you need. He is a person with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude to solve problems. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife and two cats. He really likes a good dinner, playing tennis with his friends or watching a football game.

Zoé Noble Fox | Retail Support Team

Zoé Noble Fox

Retail Support Manager

Zoé comes from a background in fine arts where her social media savvy saw her quickly transitioning into the world of creative startups and marketing agencies. She has previously worn many hats, including that of a project manager, digital strategist, marketing whiz, and most recently, a content writer with $99 Social, where she has been since 2017. When a more client-facing and organizational Support role presented itself, Zoé gladly rose to the challenge. Zoé continues to support clients in this role by ensuring their experience with us is absolutely stellar!

Liz McManus | Content Editor

Liz McManus

Head Content Editor

Our head editor, Liz, is also a freelance author and self-published novelist. She has experience in several industries that influence her skills, from tech support to copywriting. Liz has been with the $99 Social team since early 2020 and has grown in a big way in just a short time. She has excelled as a content writer and editor, showing some of our most niche clients that they can take advantage of social media as a free marketing platform. As a single mom, Liz takes care of her son and her disabled mother, drives a pink moped, and is a self-declared cat lady. She also has a green thumb and enjoys gardening!

Lindsay Payne | Content Editor

Lindsay Payne

Content Editor

With a degree in city planning and experience in social media for a local government, Lindsay has developed a love of consistency and attention to detail. Her interests include studying how physical places have developed over time and learning how different cultures interact with their landscape. She enjoys traveling to experience different parts of the country and the world as a result. Lindsay played collegiate rugby and values being part of a team. She and her husband bonded over their love for the sport and are now avid fans of the DC area’s professional rugby team, Old Glory DC. As a new mom living in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Lindsay enjoys spending time in nature with her little family and her dog, Toby.

Lexi Verandes | Content Editor

Lexi Verandes

Content Editor

Lexi is an adventurous business student from the pacific northwest. Her interest in business and marketing are a perfect match for 99 dollar social!  Outside of work and school she enjoys hiking, jogging and hanging with her precious pups! When she isn't out chasing her next adventure, she is at home watching every sitcom and reality show ever made. With an interest in practically everything, she loves that her job as Content Specialist and Editor expose her to so many different people and businesses!

Our Featured Content Specialists

Jackie | Content Specialist


Jackie is a Massachusetts native who is proud of her New England roots, but now enjoys warm and sunny days while living in Florida. After majoring in marketing, she found her niche writing creative content that helps businesses grow on social media. During her years of working for $99 Social, Jackie has come to really enjoy the flexibility that working remotely allows. Working when and where she wants is what she loves the most! During free time, you can find Jackie at the beach, adventuring with her 4-legged bestie, or practicing hobbies like the ukulele and yoga.

Ryne | Content Specialist


Ryne has been with $99 Social as a content writer since 2014. Being a stand-up comedian, he loves the freedom to work while on the road. Working remotely has allowed him to visit 48 different states and Canada in 2018, and in 2019 he will be on “The 52 Rounds Tour” where he will perform in 52 cities over 52 weeks. Every dollar that he is paid through stand up will be donated to charity! Ryne is an avid Chicago Cubs fan and sometimes sings too loudly in the shower.

Maryan | Content Specialist


Maryan loves learning new things and taking on new challenges. She has been a Content Specialist at $99 Social since 2017 and has excitedly curated more than 10,000 articles. What Maryan loves most about her job is the research and being able to learn about different topics and industries. Of course, she also loves the flexibility and the freedom to work anywhere. Her favorite working spot is in a coffee shop or at home with her cat. When Maryan is not doing curating social media content, she's working on her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Keyshawn | Content Specialist


Keyshawn, who goes by the name Monarch, loves diversity! As a proud Jamaican, he enjoys being around different people with different personalities embracing different cultures. He started working with us in 2020 and has gained so much experience that will definitely help him in the future. With a mind to achieve, he seeks to create his own business one day. He believes working here is instrumental for his life long dream to be an entrepreneur. Keyshawn believes that education is not only found in school but all around us and we can use it to our advantage.

Gentry | Content Specialist


Gentry is a Virginia nature lover and is excited to become a new mom in early 2021! She majored in Exercise Science and has been a personal trainer for the past 4 years, but decided to make the transition of working from home once her little one arrives. She has experience working in marketing and social media from working with her local gym and a beloved nonprofit. She is super motivated and loves the flexibility that $99 Social offers! Her passion is for missions, so during her free time you can find her traveling around the world helping those in need.

Rebecca | Content Specialist


Rebecca is usually somewhere between West Michigan and Western New York. She joined the $99 Social team in early 2021. She has a vast knowledge of internet culture and internet communities. She is very interested in how brands can successfully interact with specific subcultures through social media. She’s a passionate follower of live music and goes to shows around the country. When she is not working she is often focused on studying the Japanese language, or playing her banjo. She also contributes to digital media preservation projects when she can.

Ashley | Content Specialist

Ashley H

Ashley H is a VA native living in the beautiful Blue Ridge with her family. She spent the majority of her career in Nonprofits utilizing her SUNY degree in Community Health and Family Services. She has content creation experience within these roles and enjoyed it so much she made the decision to jump into the industry. She’s excited to join the $99 Social team as a content specialist! Ashley has too many books and not enough shelves, which is exactly the appropriate ratio. When she’s not creating content you can find her hiking with her family or being a weekend amateur photographer.

Ashley | Content Specialist

Ashley R

Ashley R has brought her skills as a graphic designer and community manager to her work with $99 Social and has excelled as a content writer for our clients since 2016. What she loves most about her job is that she can manage her time on her own, rather than work on a set schedule every day. Ashley prides herself on her organizational skills and loves the support that working for a team gives her. She enjoys spending time with her family when she is not working.

Pooya | Content Specialist


Pooya is a big fan of the holistic approach, be it about humans or all areas of life. He loves learning about dimensions of diversity such as internal, external, organizational and world view. That was one of the reasons that he chose $99 Social, since he can get to know and write for very diverse businesses. He has been doing social media marketing since April 2020 and brought his experience to this job. He believes in collectiveness and loves to see those in need be included, that's why you can most probably find him doing volunteer work in his free time.