We are proud to introduce our US-based team of social media experts! By building a strong team of work-from-home pros, we've been able to provide awesome service to make our customers happy at every turn.

Heather Hart

Operations MANAGER

Heather Hart | Operations Manager

Heather is a book lover, a green thumb, and a mother of two. She has worked with social media in many capacities since 2011, when she began consulting for a well-known skin care company after working on her second degree, this time in marketing with an emphasis on web design. With a bit of a nomadic spirit, she loves exploring different artistic mediums, including copywriting, drawing and painting, website coding, and helping people succeed. She lives with her family in the beautiful desert of Arizona after a move from California in early 2014.

As a self-made social media and copywriting pro, Heather began working with $99 Social in April 2014 after looking for a job opportunity that would allow her to both improve on her skillset and work from home. She started with the company as a content writer, but quickly moved into a customer support role, then to Operations Manager in May of 2017. Heather shines in her management role and has helped build a strong, happy team so that $99 Social can continue to grow and thrive. Through her work with marketing and social media, Heather has found a career and company she is proud to call home.

Tyler Huck

Global Reseller Sales MANAGER

Tyler brings his marketing knowledge combined with his extensive experience in social media to help $99 Social continue to grow its presence in the world of social media management . With a marketing degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA, he has used his educational background to apply it to the growing field of social media, managing several business pages over the past five years within vastly different niches to help grow their presence and increase brand awareness. Outside of work and social media as a whole, Tyler can be found playing in local sports leagues as well as taking his two dogs to the park, beach or out for ice cream.

Tyler is a recent addition to the $99 Social team, having joined us in September 2018. However, as he is not so new to the industry overall, he has been able to use his experiences as a social media manager himself to identify with potential clients regarding the overall best practices and methods within social media management. Tyler is our Global Reseller Sales Manager, so he is your go-to contact if you're looking to outsource your social media management for your clients using our white label Reseller Program.

Shanique Campbell

Reseller Account MANAGER

Being published at 7 in the local Jamaican newspaper provided no greater feeling of euphoria at the time for Shanique. Since then, she has spent her professional life wrangling the written word and social media. With a BSc in Management Studies & Accounting and a career spent in business development and marketing, Shanique has continued to capture the attention of readers globally through the way she incorporates various forms of social media with the desired outcome of clients.

An avid traveler, a movie buff and a people person, Shanique’s personality is infectious and, an interaction with her is certain to make you smile. Shanique joined the $99 Social team in October 2018 as our beloved Reseller Support Manager. Since joining the team, she has made significant strides in carrying out her responsibilities and has continued to add value to our resellers and her team alike. Shanique’s passion for providing end to end solutions means that she is constantly looking for ways to improve the reseller experience while empowering resellers to in turn dominate their market.

Teresa Benoit

Global Retail Sales MANAGER

Teresa Benoit | Global Retail Sales Manager

Teresa brings high energy and a positive attitude to every day to the team and the clients of 99 Dollar Social. As one of the very first employees with the company, our clients have enjoyed working with her in many capacities. She was born in Massachusetts and schooled at the University of Massachusetts. Hiking, Yoga, and Meditation have always been passions in Teresa's life and she brings that competitive edge and mindset to every task that she handles. Outside of work, Teresa is very passionate about music and goes to many live music events throughout the year. Her love for animals is something very dear to her and she'll always be surrounded by fur babies. 

With a background mostly in business management, Teresa has always had a mindset of Entrepreneurship. After working years in the field of Television, Fashion Wholesale, and Spa Managment, it was there that she honed her sales and skills for building relationships with her team and clients worldwide. After living many years in New York City, Teresa came full circle, back to her roots in New England. Teresa continues to build relationships and nurtures her current Retail clients, with the goal of working hard to assist them and their needs, as well as, growing the business which continues to thrive today.

Kyle Hart

Retail Support MANAGER

Kyle Hart | Retail Support Manager

Kyle is a father of two, husband, athlete and musician with years of experience on both sides of social media. He is a dedicated professional who always makes sure the job gets done, no matter how long it takes. As an athlete and brand ambassador, Kyle has spent over a decade traveling the globe, and exposing many cultures to various forms of art and athleticism. He is also a passionate marksman and outdoor adventurer. When not helping clients with the technical aspects of their accounts, he can be found taking his family on their next big adventure!

Kyle began working at $99 Social in May of 2016, initially with Support via the setup of newly registered accounts. After extensive training of the various platforms used in social profile scheduling, he was promoted to our Support Manager position in 2017 and currently manages all of our retail clients’ accounts. He has proven himself as an asset to our team and our customers love working with him.

Anne-Marie Jewell

Content Specialist MANAGER

Anne-Marie Jewell | Content Specialist Manager

Anne-Marie has been living in the Valley of the Sun since 1996 after growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. She is a proud aunt to a feisty 3-year-old niece, a devoted dog mom to a yellow lab named Sandy, and a Disney fanatic. She took her first cruise in September of this year and is looking forward to doing more traveling.

Anne-Marie was initially hired as the only member of the $99 Social support team in November 2014, where she was responsible for all contact and communication with clients. Coming from a background in customer service that ranged from working in retail, food and beverage, and the finance industry, it was a natural fit for her. During her time in support, she had the opportunity to understand the perspective of the client as well as the Content Specialists. She sought to do more and her interest in working more closely with the writers grew, as she has had a passion for literature that began in grade school. In April 2016, she was promoted to the Content Specialist Manager role. She has developed a solid relationship and rapport with the CS team through effective and open lines of communication.

Lovely Tuazon

Client Content Supervisor

Lovely Tuazon | Client Content Supervisor

Lovely is a professional top-rated freelancer specializing in customer service, social media moderation, lead generation, virtual assistance, and e-commerce. Before shifting to freelancing, she worked in the BPO industry for over six years. Lovely has been working with $99 Social since 2016, and she loves working with our team and helping to serve the needs of our clients. She also enjoys the sense of family within our company and sharing the goals of the team. When not traveling, Lovely enjoys playing with her dogs.

Tashay Donaldson

Head Content Editor

Since the start of her career in 2015, Tashay has proven herself as a leader in customer service, content creation, and social media management. Through working with $99 Social, she has been able to work on improving her skills while servicing the day-to-day needs of our clients. A day well spent for Tashay includes anything that involves thought provoking conversations, laughter, and food. She is a self-professed Pinterest and HGTV addict who loves to shop for anything that's related to home decor.

Tashay started with $99 Social in early 2018 as a part of our customer support team and quickly moved into the important role of content editor. Her journey with the company has helped her grow and she looks forward to many more years with the team.


Jackie B.

Jackie B | Content Specialist

Jackie is a Massachusetts native who is proud of her New England roots, but now enjoys warm and sunny days while living in Florida. After majoring in marketing, she found her niche writing creative content that helps businesses grow on social media. During her 3+ years of working for $99 Social, Jackie has come to really enjoy the flexibility that working remotely allows. Working when and where she wants is what she loves the most! During free time, you can find Jackie at the beach, adventuring with her 4-legged bestie, or practicing hobbies like the ukulele and yoga.

Ryne T.

Ryne T | Content Specialist

Ryne has been with $99 Social as a content writer since 2014. Being a stand-up comedian, he loves the freedom to work while on the road. Working remotely has allowed him to visit 48 different states and Canada in 2018, and in 2019 he will be on “The 52 Rounds Tour” where he will perform in 52 cities over 52 weeks. Every dollar that he is paid through stand up will be donated to charity! Ryne is an avid Chicago Cubs fan and sometimes sings too loudly in the shower.

Ashley R.

Ashley R | Content Specialist

Ashley has been working for $99 Social since August 2015. Along with working for $99 Social, she is also a freelance writer. Ashley has written many great blog articles within the marketing and advertising niche. She enjoys working with our team because it enables her to use her joy of writing and knowledge of marketing together in the same position.

María V.

María V | Content Specialist

María has brought her skills as a graphic designer and community manager to her work with $99 Social and has excelled as a content writer for our clients since 2016. What she loves most about her job is that she can manage her time on her own, rather than work on a set schedule every day. María prides herself on her organizational skills and loves the support that working for a team gives her. She enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not working. We are proud to have her as one of our fantastic Spanish-language content writers!

Zoe NF.

Zoe NF | Content Specialist

Since graduating from Toronto’s OCAD University in 2013 with a degree in Curatorial Practice, Zoé has been creating killer content and wearing many hats for start-ups, creative agencies, non-profits, and community spaces. If there is a role that needs filling, she has done it. Since her start with $99 Social in 2016, Zoe has enjoyed working with such a diverse, professional and dynamic team. Creating content that is relevant, encourages interaction, and is interesting across all channels is something that she takes pride in. Her main passions in life include travel, cooking, gaming, exploring, gardening, and eating.

Maryan D.

Maryan D | Content Specialist

Maryan loves learning new things and taking on new challenges. She has been a Content Specialist at $99 Social since 2017 and has excitedly curated more than 10,000 articles. What Maryan loves most about her job is the research and being able to learn about different topics and industries. Of course, she also loves the flexibility and the freedom to work anywhere. Her favorite working spot is in a coffee shop or at home with her cat. When Maryan is not doing curating social media content, she's working on her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.