Jul 5, 2023

Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019

While Facebook might not be the most visually appealing of the social media platforms, it is still one of the most widely used, and one of the most useful platforms

Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019
Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019 I $99 SOCIAL

While Facebook might not be the most visually appealing of the social media platforms, it is still one of the most widely used, and one of the most useful platforms for professional marketers. If you have any doubt about this, consider the fact that more than 93% of all social media advertisers make use of Facebook ads, a statistic which clearly reflects the platform's dominance in the field.While it's a very impressive statistic to consider, there are a number of others which are equally impressive, and which are worth knowing about for the coming year. Use these marketing statistics to help formulate your strategy for 2019, so that you'll be able to get the most out of your Facebook marketing and advertising investment.

The average organic reach of a post is 6.4%

Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019 I $99 SOCIAL

What this means is that, of all the likes accumulated by any given page, only about 6.4% actually engage with the page. It's still very important to amass as many likes as possible for your page, but all those likes don't really accomplish much for you. What you really need to do is to create posts which are very engaging, and which keep users on your page for a period of time. If you can educate yourself about how to increase engagement with your posts, you can increase your average organic reach, and accomplish a lot more for your business.

Nearly half of all Facebook users access the platform via mobile app

Approximately 47% of all Facebook users access the social media platform exclusively through their mobile app, which means they are viewing your ads on mobile devices. From this, it can be assumed that these users are also the most frequent users, since they are carrying their phones throughout the day with them, as opposed to sporadically accessing the platform from their desktop. What all this means to a marketer is that all content has to be mobile optimized, from landing pages on through to all other content. Your photo and video content should be more vertical than horizontal, and any long form posts should be made as readable as possible, without having to resort to using the Read More button.

Almost 40% of Facebook users follow business pages to receive special offers

Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019 I $99 SOCIAL

Knowing this statistic, it's very much to your advantage to provide exclusive offers on your Facebook page which will motivate members of your target audience to like the page. This is a tactic which works well across businesses of all sizes, including small businesses on up to large corporations. For instance, one restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia has garnered a huge following on Facebook simply by providing free pizza to customers who will comment on their posts or like them. Similar offers can be included on your business pages to encourage users to engage with your business, thereby significantly increasing your following.

Most users are annoyed by videos with auto-playing sound

Since most users scroll through their Facebook feeds in the company of others, it can be annoying when an ad pops up with auto-playing sound. Not only will you be startled by it, but anyone standing next to you on the subway, or sitting around you in class, or waiting at the checkout counter will probably give you a dirty look about the intrusive noise. It has been determined that at least 80% of all users become aggravated when auto-playing sound surprises them as they're scrolling through, and that means you should consider silent ads as a serious alternative. If you do need to convey some kind of message, you can include visual cues and subtitles, so that it's not necessary to add in sound as well.

The most effective length for Facebook ad titles is four words

A recent study has determined that the optimum length for any ad titles in Facebook should be limited to four words. There's still definitely room for long form content in your Facebook presentations, but they shouldn't be used in any of your Facebook ad titles. Your best bet is to limit the titles to those four words, and then deliver whatever additional information you need to in the link description. You can make this even more effective by attempting to invoke the fear of missing out in the reader, so that they'll be drawn in for greater engagement.

Videos have three seconds to capture users' attention

Facebook's Most Important Marketing Facts for 2019 I $99 SOCIAL

Three seconds may not sound like much, but an awful lot can be accomplished in that period of time. The first three seconds of your video ads should function the same way that post titles do, i.e. they need to be extremely informative, but should invoke in the viewer a fear of missing out on something. If you can make those first three seconds suspenseful and pique the curiosity of the viewer, you may be able to draw them in so that they'll continue watching the video. Whatever you do, make sure those first three seconds of the video ad pack a powerful punch, and that they invite the user to continue viewing.

Short posts get much more interaction than long posts

You probably knew this already, but studies show that shorter posts garner at least 23% more attention from users than do really long Facebook posts. As a marketer, this means that you should keep your posts short and sweet, keeping in mind that the majority of your target audience is probably consuming your ads and posts while on the go. That means you need to get their attention quickly, and direct them to your landing page. It also means that your landing page has to be sufficiently interesting that it will maintain their attention, and ultimately cause them to take whatever action you're trying to accomplish.

Video posts always get more shares

By now, everyone is aware of the popularity of video posts on the social media. But did you know that the average share count of videos is almost 90%? This is a great reason for including video content throughout your marketing strategy on Facebook. Many companies who enjoy the most successful marketing strategies on Facebook routinely accumulate the highest number of shares on their video posts, compared to texts posts or post with a combination of text and image.

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