Apr 2, 2024

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips

If Facebook Messenger is an important part of your marketing strategy, but you haven't been achieving the kind of results you'd hoped for, it may simply be a question of

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips
Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIAL

If Facebook Messenger is an important part of your marketing strategy, but you haven't been achieving the kind of results you'd hoped for, it may simply be a question of not having found the right approach yet. There are a number of ways you can improve the performance of your Facebook Messenger marketing, so as to increase your return on investment, and to encourage more active engagement with your user base. Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your Facebook Messenger marketing strategies.

Establish a Conversational Flow

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIAL

One of the best approaches to writing copy for your Facebook Messenger bots is to make copy more conversational. The back and forth exchange between your bot and a user should be as conversational as possible because that's what will make the user most comfortable. When you're writing copy for your Messenger bot, you should imagine a conversation that you're having with one of your friends, or even with a new prospect. This is much more engaging for the user, and it will keep them committed to the conversation longer so that you have a chance to get your point across.

Include Links in Your Marketing Content

When you're using Facebook Messenger as part of your marketing strategy, the whole point will be to get as many subscribers as possible, from wherever it is that users are at the time. That means you need to think of some creative places where you can include subscriber links to your Facebook Messenger bot. One way you could do this is to include a subscriber link which will allow the user to download presentation slides when you are conducting a video presentation on a web page or in a post.In coupon campaigns, you can ask users to subscribe to your Messenger bot in order to obtain a coupon or a discount for products and services. Whenever you're broadcasting an email to a number of individuals, you can include a link to your Messenger bot, and inform readers that you can be reached at that link, should they have any questions for you. If you do podcasts for your users, you can include a link to your Messenger bot which will allow listeners to download the complete transcript of the podcast.In addition to generating new Facebook Messenger subscribers, you might also want to encourage email subscribers by including a checkbox at the bottom of your email form. You can offer a special gift or discount to motivate users to subscribe, for instance, additional content, or perhaps a free e-book. The whole point of all this is to include a number of different Facebook Messenger subscription methods across your entire site, and this should hopefully build you a significant list of subscribers in short order.

Include Facebook Live Comments

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIAL

If you can combine Facebook Live with your Messenger bot, it should create an experience for your users which not only engages them but also drives additional sales. The best way to go about this is to produce a Facebook Live event which announces and disseminates some free product like an informational pamphlet or a PDF guide. Then you can connect a Messenger bot to that Facebook Live event by using the comments feature provided in ChatFuel or ManyChat.Throughout your Facebook Live broadcast, you should encourage people to comment on the event, at which point they will receive a message from your Messenger bot. The beauty of this arrangement is that the Messenger bot does almost all the work, by distributing the PDF guide, guiding users through the process of conversion, and ultimately recording their email address.For all those people who actually took advantage of your PDF guide offer, you can follow up within a few hours to make a sales pitch. If you can pull this off successfully, you will not only increase your Facebook Live engagement, but you will have added substantially to your email list and your bot subscriber list.

Create a character for your Messenger bot

One thing you cannot do with your Messenger bot is to present it as a real human, which in some states is illegal. You can avoid this kind of situation by creating a character for your Messenger bot, which is a fun way to stay in compliance and to also create a kind of relationship between your bot and the community of users. When you're considering the kind of character you want for your bot, make sure that it somehow represents your brand, and that it has some kind of appealing personality which will help guide users through the purchasing cycle.

Deliver offers from Facebook Ads

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIAL

If you've never assembled a Facebook Messenger bot before, you should first consider what basic purpose it could fulfill for your company, and then create a bot which handles that specific purpose. If you've used Messenger bots before, you can use your experience to leverage the 'Comment Below' call to action as well as the Send Message button.Both of these mechanisms have been shown to be effective on their own, but they're twice as effective when used in tandem. The Send Message Button does very well because it's kind of a novel experience for consumers who haven't had the opportunity to interact with a business which uses Messenger. By using these two tools together in the same Facebook Ad, you'll probably notice that they're much more effective than if you had used either one on its own.

Deliver event reminders

Messenger bots are absolutely ideal when used as reminders for users to attend a scheduled event such as a webinar or a Facebook Live broadcast. It has been discovered that sending out email reminders for a live webinar is only half as effective as sending out reminders from a Messenger bot. In addition, users who click through from those email reminders which they're sent, typically attend the event at a rate of 15%, whereas users who click through from a bot reminder will typically attend a rate of 37%. It's simply more compelling to receive a bot reminder on your phone for an impending event than it is to receive an email, which is probably just another one of a whole slew of emails you got during any given day.

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