Set Up Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign With These Tips

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Set Up Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign With These Tips

Videos on Twitter routinely are responsible for the highest level of recall, and the deepest emotional connection of any of the digital platforms, and that makes any message you care to convey more shareable and more memorable. When you set up a promoted video views campaign on Twitter, you can establish the perfect vehicle for maximizing the reach of your message, because your videos will auto-play within the timeline specified by the user.

Setting up your budget

When you’re setting up a budget for your video view campaign, you’ll have a number of options, such as setting up a daily budget or monthly budget. You will also have to choose whether you want your Twitter ads to start immediately, to have them run on a regular basis, or to have them run during a range of dates which you provide. If you select the daily budget option, you’ll be able to make appropriate decisions at just about any time, and it will allow you to take a break and stop your ads temporarily, so you can change the style of your ads for particular days.

Finding the right target audience

Set Up Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign With These TipsThere are literally more than 500 million tweets being exchanged on a daily basis, so that should give you some idea of how many users are on Twitter, actively communicating. It may be somewhat difficult to find the right audience for your video views from this vast number of Twitter users, but it will be very much worth your while to do so. If you take the time to narrow down the audience which your promoted video views will reach, you will have a much better chance of encouraging some kind of interaction from those users, and a much better chance that they will actually view your video message.

How to set up your promoted views video campaign

First, you need to log into your Twitter ads account, and click on the Create Campaign button in the upper right corner of the Ads Manager screen. From here, select Promoted Video Views from among the choices offered for campaign objectives. This will take you to the Details setup screen, and here you’ll enter the name of your campaign, you will supply a funding source, and then set your campaign budget, as well as the dates that the campaign will be run.

Next, you should set up your first ad group, optionally supplying start and end times. For the duration of the campaign, you’ll need to have a bid type in effect, and you’ll have two choices for this. An ‘automatic bid’ will be optimized so as to achieve the best results for the lowest possible cost according to your budget. This is the easiest bid method to choose if you’re looking to get your campaigns live as quickly as possible on the platform.

Set Up Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign With These TipsThe ‘maximum bid’ method will permit greater control over how much you have to pay for each video view. You can specify just how much you’re willing to pay for each of your video views (this is your maximum bid of course), and no results will be charged above this price. This bid method is generally used more by advertisers who are experienced, and know exactly how much they’re willing to pay for each video view.

After having chosen your bid type, you’ll need to have a bid unit in effect for your campaign. You can use the Per Video View, which is when a video is viewed for more than two seconds, or when any user happens to click on your video so that it’s expanded or un-muted. This is the industry standard view, and is used most often. The other bid unit possibility is the per 3s/100% view, which is when a video is viewed at 100% size for three seconds or longer, or when the user chooses to un-mute or expand the video.

Next, you’ll need to select the audience that you’re trying to reach with your ads, and you can do this under the Targeting tab under campaign setup. Then you can choose the specific tweets that you’d like to run during the campaign, and you can customize the locations that you’d like any tweets to be served. Lastly, you can review the entire campaign setup on the tab labeled Review & Complete. If you choose to set up additional ad groups for the campaign, you can do that from this screen. If you feel that everything is ready to go after reviewing, you can then just go ahead and launch your Twitter promoted video view campaign.

Serving a promoted video view campaign

Set Up Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign With These TipsTweets which are used in any promoted video views campaign are offered in a number of different areas, starting with users’ timelines. You can make a promoted video view campaign visible within a user’s timeline if any advertiser has already promoted at least one tweet which is relevant to a specific user. You can also have your tweets served to user profiles and tweet detail pages, if one of the users that you’ve targeted, happens to visit the tweet detail pages or Twitter profile.

Another area where tweets are served is at the top of search results pages on, where promoted video view campaigns from advertising partners are displayed at the very top of a number pages, as well as through selected partners such as HootSuite. For all promoted video views campaigns, it is required to have them served on user timelines, but all other serving locations are optional, and can be chosen at your discretion.

Observing the results

You’ll always be able to see the results of your promoted video view campaigns in Ads Manager. You will be able to filter the date range in the upper right corner, so that you can see some of the most important metrics of your campaign, such as cost per result, total spend, results, and result rate. The ‘result’ specified refers to either how many video views there are, or how many 3s/100% views, depending on which of these two you selected during the setup process. Ordinary video view is the one which is watched in 50% mode for two seconds or longer, and the 3s/100% view is a result when a user watches your video in 100% mode for three seconds or longer.

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