Sep 11, 2023

YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub

YouTube has just launched, which is meant to be a single destination for all the different types of style content contained on the platform. It will feature original content

YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub
YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub

YouTube has just launched, which is meant to be a single destination for all the different types of style content contained on the platform. It will feature original content from some of the biggest companies in the fashion industry, as well as all the same kind of popular video content which users around the world have come to anticipate from YouTube.

YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub

There will be loads of fascinating videos from beauty creators and fashion gurus, from publishers and professionals, and from a number of the most recognized luxury fashion brands. Given the fact that the fashion and beauty content on the platform has seen major increases in viewership, it makes a great deal of sense for YouTube to provide a separate channel dedicated to beauty and style videos, so that they can be showcased and users can appreciate exactly what platform has to offer.This new hub has already acquired the nickname of "Slash Fashion", and is intended to serve as a bridge between the tremendous community of creators on YouTube, and the traditional world of beauty and fashion as it currently exists. Anything related to style will now have a dedicated showcase where it can be seen, discussed, and written about, and then commented on by all those viewers who have the opportunity to check out that content.In August of this year, YouTube launched a brand-new tool which makes use of augmented reality so that users can try on various types of makeup, and see how they look after application. This is the kind of creative thinking that has helped popularize fashion and beauty on the platform, and has drawn users from all over the globe to check out what's happening on YouTube.

Industry collaborations

One of the most exciting aspects of the new beauty and fashion department has been the collaborations which have come about as a result of connections between various fashion brands and YouTube creators. For instance, Louis Vuitton is now collaborating with Emma Chamberlain as well as the Dolan Twins. In another major hookup, Dior is collaborating with The Merrell Twins, Wengie, Dulceida, and Juanpa Zunta, asking them to arrange shows during the past year, and to generate some fabulous content while staging those shows. YouTube has also helps creators welcome brand-new fashion professionals into the fold on the platform, such as the time that Violet Chachki collaborated with Gigi Gorgeous on an elaborate makeover.

Style content from recognized YouTube creators

YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub

Since creators are basically the heartbeat of the YouTube platform, this new fashion hub will especially feature the work of a great many creators, both old and new on the platform. There will be a featured section which is consistently dedicated to creators, who are showing off their newest styles all around the globe, and you'll be able content comment on anything you see there. There will also be a 'Beauty Today' section, where it will be possible to find all kinds of content from recognized beauty gurus who have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Industry access

New voices will also be brought onto YouTube from everywhere throughout the industry, including publishers, brands, and fashion professionals. Naomi Campbell will have a new channel which provides insights into her pre-fight routine, as well as her emotional return to life on the runway. You will have behind-the-scenes access to LOVE Magazine, as well as to British Vogue, which will provide fresh takes on recognized industry icons.The goal of all this is to make a widely diverse place which is chock-full of all the latest news about fashion and beauty trends, and which features a great deal of content in that area. It is expected that a great number of international voices will be contributing to the channel also, and that there will be localization for global markets.

Runway content

YouTube to Launch New Slash Fashion Hub

Since September is recognized as the kickoff for the new fashion season, a number of live streaming events will be broadcast on YouTube, in which will be included the latest collections straight from the runway. Such fashionistas as Michael Kors, Dior, and Ralph Lauren will be displaying their newest creations, and users will have a chance to be the first to see these, right as they make their appearance on the runway. There will also be a number of behind-the-scenes stories and features which provide you with an inside look at the industry, including a wide variety of content from a number of your favorite fashion professionals.

Promoting new voices

YouTube will also be attempting to use this new channel to promote rising stars in the world of fashion, as well as some diverse voices which have yet to attract their own audiences. Over a period of time, YouTube will also be attempting to localize much of this fashion content for its global markets, thus improving relevance and applicability to different segments of its target audience.

Growth of fashion and beauty segment

Between the years 2014 and 2018, the number of beauty and fashion channels associated with the YouTube platform has grown by six times. The hope of YouTube officials is to harness this popularity, to drive a greater number of views, by collecting all those videos into a single destination. It will also offer new opportunities for marketers and advertisers in the fashion and beauty sector, by providing them with a much more focused showcase for their promotions.The real value of all this is of course, yet to be seen, depending on the ultimate popularity of the Fashion channel, but it it seems likely that there's tremendous potential for marketers and advertisers to reach huge numbers of their audience through this new channel. Even if it's not as wildly successful as YouTube hopes, the new fashion channel will still provide a one-stop shop for all research going on in the industry, and it will undoubtedly be a vehicle for increased oversight of new creators and rising trends. This in itself, could give rise to some tremendous opportunities in marketing and advertising, so is well worth keeping an eye on in the days following its launching.

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