Jul 5, 2023

Top 6 Best Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

With 2018 nearing the halfway mark, be it exercising more or you finally quitting late night snacks, you're possibly in full goal getting mode. But aren't New Year's goals are

Top 6 Best Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

With 2018 nearing the halfway mark, be it exercising more or you finally quitting late night snacks, you're possibly in full goal getting mode. But aren't New Year's goals are set to be broken?Possibly when it comes down to personal goals, however, for marketing targets right away is the time to take up your game plan with full-force.Organization is among the pillars of succeeding in marketing, supposing you aren't running your social network using social media management tools that must change forthwith.Not only does using social media tools make work life easier, but it also doesn't require to go through budgeting approval owing to the availability of powerful tools to aid in attaining your marketing goals this year.Social media management apps help you run several social accounts in one place, run contests, track KPIs across platforms, schedule posts for publishing in advance, and the list continues.Lucky for you, we've gathered a list of the six best social media management tools you could integrate into your marketing plan.

1. Insense

Influencers have taken the social media marketing industry by storm. eMarketer reported that companies using influencers generated $6.85 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing drive. Insense allows marketers to connect with their team of influencers and manage influencer marketing campaigns.Also, Insense enables for the creation of campaign briefs and presentation. Influencers can respond to the campaign brief through the app and liaise with you. Upon the commencement of the campaign, you can boost your influencers' content.Insense is simple to use and runs superbly. It's conceivably among the most relevant apps on this list, and we recommend it for those keen into venturing into influencer marketing.

2. AdEspresso

Facebook offers marketers an array of targeting choices. One alternative in custom audiences which arises when a user uploads an email listing to Facebook. Facebook accordingly matches up the emails to user emails on the social network.This kind of ad is effective as it enables marketers to design personalized journeys that dovetail with things such as email drip campaigns. Even so, custom audiences require marketers to upload an email list to Facebook manually.Thanks in no small part to AdEspresso, marketers can incorporate Facebook with an automation platform to help in updating the list of contacts served with ads.

3. Crello

A new graphics design tool, Crello allows marketers to design compelling social media graphics courtesy of a straightforward drag and drop dashboard. You can design a graphic using Crello's delightfully-created templates or create one from scratch.Crello also affords 10,000 free design blueprints and millions of free design elements and stock images.

4. StoryHeap

StoryHeap is perhaps the only of its ilk in the market. This social media management app works similar to Buffer or Hootsuite but does excellent work for both Snapchat and Instagram stories. Marketers can create, organize and analyze stories from one dashboard. Scheduling stories is essential, particularly for convenience bulk publishing. The time of posting a story matters and there are no exceptions to this.Snapchat also allows marketers to evaluate their story's performance. Similar to most social media tools, StoryHeap enables you to unearth the number of followers you've amassed and the general success of your account.

5. BotLetter

BotLetter is an efficient tool to use when sending newsletters and other messages via Facebook Messenger. Also, this tool allows marketers to expand their subscriber lists and analyze performance. BotLetter boasts of more than 105 million active users in the USA alone. Obviously, using Messenger is an easy decision.BotLetter is simple to use especially if you integrate email marketing into your marketing strategy. The primary difference is that as you send emails using email marketing tools, but BotLetter allows you to conduct email marketing drives on Facebook Messenger. Aside from creating messages, this tool allows for the addition of titles, call-to-action, and images for readers. BotLetter enables marketers to build a following via Facebook.

6. Anchor Videos

With the soaring importance of video marketing, marketers have turned to video content creation in a bid to get head. Marketers have since turned to social media tools that can help them created compelling videos and Anchor Videos is right up there with the best for this purpose.Anchor Videos helps users to convert audio recordings to delightfully animated videos. Users only need to upload a video and click on the video control. Anchor instantly transcript audio and lets you share the animated transcript and video on social media.You'll examine the transcript and make edits before generating the video.

Key takeaway

It's evident that social media tools make life much easier. By incorporating tools and apps in your online marketing strategy, you'll increase your reach and your productivity. Learn how to use such tools and become a marketing guru.


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