Sep 11, 2023

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools

There's no question that Analytics is central to any marketing strategy, especially to digital marketing. With all the various platforms and promotional options available through digital marketing, it is probably

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools
The Best Social Media Analytics Tools I $99 SOCIAL

There's no question that Analytics is central to any marketing strategy, especially to digital marketing. With all the various platforms and promotional options available through digital marketing, it is probably more of a necessity to use Analytics as a means of determining effectiveness, than with any other form of marketing. It goes without saying that campaign performance cannot be maximized without evaluating and measuring the success of what you're doing. There's an old saying that says things which can't be measured, can't be improved upon.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools I $99 SOCIAL

All of the following social media Analytics tools will help you to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns so that you can hone your social media marketing strategy to become better and better. Any problems or challenges which are hindering your success will be identified by some of these powerful tools so that you know exactly where to concentrate your efforts. In a nutshell, these terrific tools will provide you with the numbers and statistics you need to create your very best plan for social media marketing.


This tool provides very detailed data relative to performance on Snapchat and Instagram, with particular insights into Storie's usage and general growth of your followers. This tool will help you to identify which acquisition methods are performing the best, and it should point up the reasons for peaks and valleys in the level of engagement you have with followers. It will also allow you to create custom reports, and to export selected data to a CSV file.

Rival IQ

This software tool does a great job of analyzing comments, likes, and posts from all of the biggest social media platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. It's also integrated with Google Analytics, which enables it to represent a complete picture of how your customers are coming to you, and what their activities are when they do come to you. Rival IQ analyzes ads from Instagram and Facebook separately, so you can get the most out of these ads. It also offers competitive insights on those ads, so you can learn about what your competition is doing well, and perhaps adopt some of those same tactics yourself. The tool also provides statistics on active times for your followers, and the people who no longer follow you, as well as demographic information related to both groups.


The Best Social Media Analytics Tools I $99 SOCIAL

Keyhole is a social media Analytics tool which provides very detailed information on Instagram and Twitter. With this package, you'll have access to a wide range of metrics, all of which are presented in graphs that are visually appealing. You'll be able to quickly determine at a glance the total number of posts that have made use of your target keywords, as well as determining how the level of mentions has fluctuated up or down over time. Keyhole will also provide data on engagement, hashtag usage, sentiment, and statistics on your reach. You'll also be provided with specific insights into influencers, as well as trends within your niche, including the demographics of your followers, along with their locations and languages.


HootSuite is, of course, one of the best-known management tools for social media, and its Analytics features are big part of that. Some of the tools provided by HootSuite include the capability of obtaining key metrics from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You'll have performance data as well as audience and post insights, all of which are displayed in easy-to-use charts and graphs. HootSuite also delivers helpful performance and tracking insights for large social teams. These team management tools make available data such as how long it takes for private messages, comments, and mentions to be dealt with and resolved. Any reports offered through HootSuite can be customized, and all the metrics available in the system are easily exportable, so they can be shared with clients or team members.


This monitoring tool is equipped with powerful Analytics features which allow you to analyze online mentions of your business, providing you with data on reach, mention growth, mention languages and locations, sentiment, and web location. It also provides analysis of users on the social media who have invoked your specific keywords, whether those are industry keywords or your specific brand keywords. It will also display a comprehensive list of those individuals considered to be social media influencers in your market. It will create alerts for your brand as well as your two closest rivals so that you can have a detailed comparison of your own social media performance relative to the performance of your main competition. This Analytics tool also has the capability of displaying a graph which depicts how much online buzz is being generated by your business, compared to that of your chief rivals.


The Best Social Media Analytics Tools I $99 SOCIAL

An Analytics tool created especially for Instagram, Squarelovin tracks followers, and likes, measures general engagement with your profile and analyzes the performance of your posts. It will also point out the best times for posting, the best hashtags, and filters to use, and an ongoing historical listing of all your posts, broken down by time frame. It will also provide you with worthwhile insight into the preferences and interests of your main target audience.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics analyzes a broad range of metrics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, providing insights into the content which performs best on each one of these platforms, the times of greatest audience activity, and who your most important influencers are. In addition to all that, Union Metrics will track important trends, so as to provide you with ideas for any new posts you might want to make. The enhanced version of Union Metrics also provides reporting options on language and location, as well as the capability to export all analytics data. With Union Metrics, you can also obtain an analysis of your competition, as well as your Share of Voice, within your niche.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is similar to HootSuite, in that it's a social media management platform which has the capability of providing some extremely useful Analytics. It can measure engagement and performance across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, comparing your data to that of your rivals. Sprout Social will also help you to identify your content which is performing the best, and it will clearly identify how your ads are performing, in terms of organic versus paid ads.

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