Sep 11, 2023

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join

For marketers looking to stay ahead of the competition, Facebook provides a number of groups you can join so that you can connect with peers and stay abreast of all the trends

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join
The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

For marketers looking to stay ahead of the competition, Facebook provides a number of groups you can join so that you can connect with peers and stay abreast of all the trends and business changes that are worth knowing about. With Facebook, as for most of the social media platforms, algorithms change several times a year, which means the best approach to connecting with other marketers often changes with them.It's definitely worth your while to stay in touch with a community of individuals like yourself who are all striving to achieve certain marketing objectives because you can learn from them, and take advantage of their insights. Here are some of the best Facebook marketing groups to be involved with for 2019.

Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

This group already has 27,000 members, and it has a great deal to offer to those people who are starting up new ad agencies, or who are already working with one. Anyone involved with an ad agency that wants to increase its number of customers would benefit by participating in various discussions commonly engaged in by this group. You can also learn a great deal about marketing book recommendations, as well as strategies for running your ads, even if you don't choose to actively participate yourself.

Badass Marketers and Founders (BAMF)

This group was founded for the express purpose of facilitating marketers in their quest to achieve new goals and objectives and to establish new boundaries. It was created in 2017 and has already swelled its ranks to more than 23,000 members. The group was founded by influencer/author Josh Fechter, who only allows applicants to join the group who have read his book called 'BAMF Bible', and who live the lifestyle espoused by the group's title.

Social Media Managers

This marketing group is founded on the marketing training program which is known as 'Social Media Pro'. The training program itself was created by Jesse Jameson and Kate Buck, and it goes deep under the covers to delve into social media management. Kate started this Facebook group to be complementary to her program, thus creating a forum for users to query about and find answers to their biggest questions about social media. The group currently has a membership of 27,000 followers and is continuing to grow.

Social Media United

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

In 2016, this group was founded by Rachel Pedersen with the express purpose of building a community for people who had an intense interest in social media. The group is actually an offshoot of Rachel's company of the same name, and it invites marketers to share their objectives, and to encourage each other in the achievement of those goals, as well as to generate new ideas. It has already achieved a resounding success among marketing personnel with just under 18,000 members, all of whom provide positive affirmation and feedback to each other.

Six-figure Digital Marketing Packs for Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to make six figures, and this marketing group tries to provide information that will help you to achieve that objective. Founded by J.R. Rivas, the group is especially aimed at digital marketers who are interested in sharing the key findings of Mr. Rivas. During his rise to the top of the digital marketing ladder, Rivas built up his consulting business which is named Konectivity, and his marketing strategies have become well-known in the business world because of their resounding success. This group currently has 10,000 members and is growing quickly.

Mod Agency Insiders

With more than 15,000 current members, Mod Agency Insiders is a group which was founded by Mandy McEwen, who achieved success with her own company called Mod Girl Marketing. The stated purpose of the group is to help all members grow and flourish in their marketing efforts, and to that end, Mandy herself dedicates specific days for feedback from all group members and other days for marketing celebrations.

Facebook Ad Hacks

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

A community for freelancers, marketers, and agency personnel seeking feedback on their Facebook ads, this marketing group shares tips among members on how traffic can be increased, and how greater numbers of followers can be obtained. This group is presided over by Cat Howell, who is the CEO and founder of Eight Loop Social, which is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook ads, and which is currently thriving in the business world. Because it offers a great many insights into how to build a business, this marketing group has a whopping 88,000 members.


Created in 2011, FBinfluence is the brainchild of social media marketing coach Andrea Vahl, who co-authored the book called 'Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies'. Anyone joining this marketing group will have the ability to interact with more than 5,000 like-minded business owners, who have all used the tools, and learned many of the skills taught by Andrea.

Bot Academy: Facebook Messenger Marketing

One of the most useful tools marketers can use in Facebook these days is a chatbot, and if you haven't used one yet, it would be a good idea to include it in your business strategy. This marketing group is a great place to learn all about that, and to initiate your use of chatbots. After starting his own business, Andrew Warner founded this group, so that community members could focus specifically on their experiences and successes using Facebook chatbots. Members can learn a tremendous amount about using all the latest and greatest tricks, so as to optimize their marketing and increase their reach.

Shopify, Ecom and Facebook Ads Community

Salespeople who generate six figures worth of business as a matter of routine each month, provide advice and recommendation to group members in this marketing group. Many of the recommendations and tools used by successful salespeople can be put to use immediately by group members in order to improve their business habits. Videos are available which provide step-by-step guides on how to use analysis software offered by Facebook, for instance, Trackify. The group is focused on making e-commerce much more successful for its members, and the 23,000 current members all take away useful insights and information.

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