Jul 5, 2023

Social Media Content Trends for 2022 (The Ones You Should Know About!)

Look at your social media accounts. Have you been doing the same, old content strategy from years back? If so, maybe it’s time for you to catch up with the

Social Media Content Trends for 2022 (The Ones You Should Know About!)
Social Media Content Trends for 2022 (The Ones You Should Know About!)

Look at your social media accounts. Have you been doing the same, old content strategy from years back? If so, maybe it’s time for you to catch up with the times and take note of these updated social media content trends.

We’re still in the first couple months of 2022, yet we’re already glimpsing unique content strategies that have seen phenomenal successes. But before we get right into the nitty-gritty, we must first establish *WHY* we should bring our social media game plan up to speed.

Remember: Social Media is the new word-of-mouth. This means that businesses that do well on these platforms can enjoy increased audience engagement, brand awareness, and higher conversion rates!

So with those goals in mind, let’s begin!

1. Social Media Channels as a front for Customer Education.

This trend has long been used as a content strategy by most savvy creators, but few businesses have actual success on it. Now you might be thinking, how could I use my Facebook account for teaching? It’s simple, really! Think infographics!

As a brand, you must be able to explain what your products/services do and how they can benefit your audience. Maybe your products can save them time, money, or effort in their day-to-day lives, or maybe you’re selling luxury/premium goods. Whatever that is, you must be able to tell your audience YOUR story.

Now think of the kind of content you can make focusing on educating your audience about your brand!

Do you want to keep your followers interested? Teach them something new everyday!

2. AR, VR, and all the cryptocurrencies in the world.

It’s 2022. Words like NFTs, Bitcoin, and Augmented Reality are all the rage on most social media platforms. Honestly, even I don’t know much about these innovations. But it never hurts to get a surface-level understanding!

“Now, why should I spend time learning about these things?” For one, it’s a great source of content! Since everybody is talking about these new exciting developments, your brand can get on the hype and post about it!

Take Ruffbeatz for example, an Australia-based recording studio. They were one of my first clients as a Content Specialist; they specialize in promoting music genres like psytrance and techno. Little did I know that music can now be bought as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and that gave me two months' worth of unique and highly-engaging content!

There's no shortage of influencers; they're virtually everywhere! Pro tip: choose an influencer that shared the values of your brand.

3. Videos. No, not the video ads. The made-for-TikTok ones.

There are two main ways of running a video-based content campaign. The first one is by creating your own original content.

The second one is by partnering with an influencer. You can compensate them with cash or swags, and they’ll talk about your brand in a subtle, yet effective way in their own channels.

Whichever path you wish to take, video ALWAYS pays off well IF AND ONLY IF it is done well. Look at how TikTok did it: short and relatable videos. The key lies in establishing a connection with your audience!

4. Livestreaming.

When we say “livestreaming”, we automatically think about those live videos on Facebook. Sure, that counts. But don’t limit yourself to real-life videos. Remember, it’s 2022! There’s a lot more interesting stuff than a livestream video of you cooking!

Visit your Twitter app and look at the center button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it brings you to Spaces, Twitter’s new way to accommodate live audio conversations. You can create one for your customer base and talk about your brand there!

Content creation is more than just having a steady flow of posts, it’s about keeping your audience engaged. I, personally, have used Spaces as a source of content for the brands I write content for! The beauty about it is that you actually hear real concerns and feedback from real users!

5. Consumers want a complete one-click experience. Get interactive!

Let’s say you’re a brand selling jeans. The traditional way of making a sale through social media is by creating content that encourages your audience to make a purchase. The 2022 way of handling this scenario is creating interactive content that allows your audience to add a pair of jeans to their cart with just one click from the content itself!

Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, you name it—every platform has its own unique form of interactive content, whether it be the classic “Buy now” button or the “swipe to the left” motion!

Oh—and don’t forget! Creating content that sells a product must always solve a customer’s “pain point”. Whether you’re selling cheaper jeans or jeans made for plus-sized bodies, make sure you emphasize it on your content!

6. Paid Advertising.

Now, we’re talking ads. But first, let me elaborate on how content dissemination works on Facebook. Let’s say you have 100 followers on the platform. When you publish content, the organic reach for the said post will only be 10 followers. This means that you have to pay Facebook (through ads) to reach the other 90. That’s how they make money! Makes sense?

Now, when you have around 100,000 followers, then good for you! You already have massive reach! But the problem lies in the cost of reaching the other 90,000 followers—it can cost you millions!

That is why we recommend creating content strategically made only for a demographic you want to target. For example, you could write content that relates primarily to the male population, 20-40 years age bracket, and located in Phoenix, Arizona only. That way, your paid advertising can cost less because you’re only targeting a subset of your 90,000 followers!

7. Outsourcing your content creation is the new normal!

Having a steady flow of content ideas that keeps your audience interested, while running your entire business, is a near-impossible feat. Having an extra set of hands that are trained to create content allows you to focus on managing your brand better!

Luckily, $99 Social has years of content creation experience! If you partner with us, we can provide your brand carefully curated content for all your social media channels! From Facebook and Instagram down to LinkedIn and Google MyBusiness, we got you covered!

Join this 2022 content strategy trend today, together with the hundreds of brands trusting $99 Social for their content needs! But hey, there’s no need to rush! Outsourcing your content supply is an amazing step. Let’s discuss it over. You can schedule a call with one of our staff using the button up above!

Bring your brand to greater heights. Work with us today!

Well, that’s it for the top content trends of 2022! Although, I’m not entirely sure I covered all the bases. After all, we’re still in February!

Got more content trends I might’ve missed? Send it over through one of our social media channels! See you there!

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