Mar 30, 2024

Discover Gen Z's Top Social Media Platforms: Insights by Snapchat

Wondering what social media does gen z use? Get insider knowledge from Snapchat and optimize your strategy to connect with influential demographic!

Discover Gen Z's Top Social Media Platforms: Insights by Snapchat

Snapchat has recently released two brand-new reports which discuss various aspects of Generation Z, with regard to their usage of the social media and other interesting aspects of their lives. Marketing personnel who have questions in these areas will find these two reports to be particularly useful, since the information contained in them has a wealth of statistics and insights which provide a view into the thinking of the newest generation and what social media does gen z use. 

In particular, these insights and statistics are involved with how Generation Z members relate to online brands, what social media do gen z use, and their own connections with people online.

Into Z Future

Into Z Future - top social media platforms

This is the name of the first report, which is an outline 70 pages in length, and which lists important Generation Z habits, as well as trends. There are a number of important insights and statistics provided which might heavily influence your marketing approach, and which at the very least, should provide you with a better understanding of this emerging group of online users.

It is known that the annual purchasing power of Generation Z individuals exceeds $50 billion in this country alone, with several estimates placing that figure at a much higher level. This should make it clear about the impact that this emerging group of individuals has on commerce in general, and why they need to be taken into account for marketing initiatives.

With much of the recent focus of marketing discussion centered around millennials, it now appears time to take a much harder look at gen z platforms, so the timing of these two reports offered by Snapchat couldn't be any better. The focus of this first report is primarily around the creative habits of Generation Z members, and how these are managed by Snapchat.

According to platform executives, Snapchat has provided an entire space for Generation Z members, which is completely free of any friction, and which can allow members of this group to experiment somewhat with personal identity, without having to feel like they're 'on brand' when contacting immediate groups of friends. The idea behind this kind of flexibility is to allow Generation Z members to be whoever they want to be on a certain day, with no lingering record of who they happened to be on any days prior.

Snapchat declares that Generation Z individuals are now establishing a completely different tone for their visual culture. Following a period of time where they were more in tune with posed photos, a whole new wave of content selfies is now finding favor, which include augmented reality landscapes, imperfect collages, and graphics with candid live streams.

According to the gen z platforms, Generation Z members feel the need to live out their own version of truth, while maintaining a keen sense of their own social responsibility. Research gathered by Snapchat points to the fact that Generation Z individuals have matured in a society which favors digital computing, and which is highlighted by dramatic shifts in political, environmental, and economic circumstances.

Members of this generation are highly opinionated and highly connected, and it's this hyper connection to global events which has moved them to become more active and to take a strong interest in the social media landscape, and which has provided a wealth of information about world events. Living in an area which has seen dramatic improvements in marriage equality and positivity of the body, Generation Z members are embarking on new territory about their personal identity, their gender fluidity, and general inclusivity.

There's a tremendous amount of information included in this first report, all of which will help readers to have a better understanding of this newest generation, and there's even a summary at the end to emphasize the key points of the research.

Lifestyle trends of Generation Z

As Snapchat has noted in its release of these two reports, the individuals of Generation Z will now become a much larger consideration for brands, so it is certainly worthwhile to have some level of understanding and insight into relevant trends, so as to customize your marketing approach accordingly. On that note, the second of the two reports has provided a glimpse into the lifestyle and habits of Generation Z individuals, as opposed to the more detailed usage trends identified in the first report.

Lifestyle trends of Generation Z

In compiling the information of the second report, Snapchat partnered with GlobalWebIndex, and made use of a sampling of just under 80,000 individuals aged between 16 and 22, and who were situated in 45 different markets. The information gathered showcased demographic style statistics such as work types, relationships, income, and a few other general areas. It also examined lifestyle habits related to digital connectivity and device usage, which is something sure to be of interest to marketers.

Some of the most basic statistics gleaned from this research include the following:

  • Approximately 15% of North American Internet users belong to Generation Z
  • While around the world, a majority of Generation Z members live in urban areas, the majority of US users are in the suburbs
  • In terms of living arrangements, approximately 63% of Generation Z individuals live with their parents, which is by far the most popular living arrangement
  • The most popular work status among Generation Z individuals is that of student, with 52% belonging to this category
  • The overwhelming majority of Generation Z individuals are single, with 79% falling into this situation
  • Approximately 56% of generation Z members have accumulated some level of cash savings.

While the results are not really surprising in any way, they do provide a detailed glimpse into the manner which Generation Z individuals connect online, as well as those things they're most interested in. Any marketer who is considering an improvement in their approach to connecting with younger audiences would do very well to scan through both of Snapchat's new reports.

Social media platforms for Gen Z

Altogether, approximately 110 pages of fascinating research is provided, and that volume of information would be basically impossible to provide in any kind of summary posting. There is truly a wealth of relevant and very valuable information provided in the research conducted by Snapchat, so if you're looking to improve your engagement with Generation Z individuals, you really should not miss the opportunity to read through both of these reports.

FAQs – Get More Answers Here!

Which social media platforms are popular among Gen Z?

Gen Z gravitates towards gen z social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where they can share content and connect with peers.

What social media does Gen Z use the most?

Gen Z predominantly utilizes social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, where they find engaging content and interact with their peers.

What are the Gen Z top social media platforms?

Among the Gen Z top social media platforms are Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which offer a variety of content formats and interactive features.

Are there specific platforms that Gen Z prefers over others?

Gen Z tends to favor platforms like Snapchat for its ephemeral content, Instagram for visual sharing, TikTok for short-form videos, and YouTube for longer-form content and entertainment.

Why are platforms like Snapchat popular among Gen Z?

Platforms like Snapchat appeal to Gen Z due to features like disappearing messages, AR filters, and a focus on private messaging, offering a unique and interactive social experience.

How does Snapchat provide insights into Gen Z's social media preferences?

Snapchat, through its user data and trends, offers valuable insights into Gen Z's social media habits and preferences, helping marketers and businesses understand and connect with this demographic effectively.

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