Sep 11, 2023

Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: An introduction to algorithm factors and changes

For marketers, the value of Facebook remains indisputable: nonetheless, the use of the social network platform borders on hair-pulling in the best of times and down-right flare-up producing at worst.

Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: An introduction to algorithm factors and changes

For marketers, the value of Facebook remains indisputable: nonetheless, the use of the social network platform borders on hair-pulling in the best of times and down-right flare-up producing at worst. Even worse is how one post goes viral while the next post flops miserably baffles even the most accomplished marketers every so often.The mojo behind this Russian roulette of Facebook content is the all-powerful Facebook algorithm. The term algorithm refers to a series of steps or formula for working out a specific problem. This giant social network makes use of its algorithm to comb, sift and draw sense of the numerous posts created by users everyday to guarantee the best possible user experience.We aim to help you better understand how the Facebook decoding formula selects the post to display in our Feeds based some factors.

The Values Behind The Facebook Algorithm

Figuring out this algorithm starts with identifying the core values used by Facebook to guide their rationale. These values give an insight of content that will perform well or dismally on Facebook.

Below is a summary of the Facebook News Feed principles:

Family and friends come first: The primary goal of the News Feed remains to connect users with their family and friends. Thus, posts from the mentioned group are given priority followed by entertaining and informing content.A platform for ideas: Facebook embraces all ideas while ensuring all users feel safe. The platform aims to provide stories that all individuals desire to see earnestly from their feedback and actions.Authentic communication: Facebook gives priority to real stories as opposed to unsolicited, sensational and misleading stories.You choose your experience: You know yourself best. Thus Facebook designed features – like see first and unfollow – to enable users to tailor their Facebook experience.Non-stop iteration: Facebook aspires to gather feedback and better the platform regularly.

An analysis of the Facebook algorithm

Let's explore how Facebook resolves to show in your News Feed.

We perused through the (known) changes effected by Facebook to its algorithm to help you grasp the Facebook algorithm.

What to do: The Facebook algorithm like:

  • Posts with many shares, comments, and Likes.
  • Link posts
  • Posts that receive tons of comments, Likes or shares within a short duration.
  • Post types that a user interacts with frequently.
  • Posts shared, commented on, or Liked by one's friends
  • Timely posts or those that refer to a trending subject
  • Uploaded videos that receive extended viewing duration or a considerable number of views
  • Post types preferred by users over other such as a status update, video or photo.
  • Posts from Pages complete with profile information
  • Posts from Pages whose followers overlaps with followers of other high-quality Pages
  • Posts from Pages which one engages with often

Avoid the following: The Facebook algorithm isn't keen on:

  • Posts comprising of unsolicited links
  • Repeated posts and circulated continuously content
  • Like-baiting
  • Click-baiting
  • Posts that appeal to Likes, shares or comments
  • Frequently reported or hidden posts. Usually an indication of low-quality)
  • Posts with curious engagement trends such as a like-baiting beckoning.
  • Text-only updates from pages
  • Unduly advertising content from Pages – pressing people to pay for a service, purchase an app, and push users to partake in a sweepstakes or contest or posts that rehash texts from ads.

New algorithm changes

To cope with the ever-changing environment of social media; Facebook routinely updates its algorithms to guarantee the best possible user experience. Below are some of the latest changes that impact on what you see and how users engage with content.19th Jan 2018: Informative, trustworthy and local news will be given priority.11th Jan 2018: Posts that spur conversations and intriguing interactions among users will be prioritized.18th Dec 2017: Down-ranking of Pages that use engagement baiting.28th Aug 2017: Pages that partake in sharing fake news will be barred from running Facebook ads.17th Aug 2017: Demotion of posts masquerading as videos.2nd Aug 2017: Posts will slow loading speeds on mobiles will be displayed less in News Feeds.17th May 2017: Down ranking of posts with click-bait captions.10th May 2017: Posts consisting of links to websites with poor user experience will rank low in the News Feeds.31st Jan 2017: Authoritative and up-to-the-minute posts will rank highly in the News Feed.26th Jan 2017: Long and entertaining videos will rank better compared to the short and engaging videos.11th Aug 2016: Informative posts will rank highly in the News Feeds section of users who may find them essential.29th June 2016: Updates from friends rank higher in the News Feeds.21st April 2016: Engaging posts will rank higher.1st March 2016: Live videos will tend to rank higher when they're live compared to after thy end.24th Feb 2016: Facebook introduced Reactions to aid enterprises understand how folks are reacting to their posts.Keeping up-to-date with the constantly changing Facebook algorithm remains vital to ensuring that you deliver excellent results to your clientele. By posting engaging, informative and timely content as well as incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, on top of a substantial online presence and a properly running website you should be ready to hit home runs on Facebook.


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