Sep 11, 2023

How To Create Remarkable Social Media Content That Actually Drives Traffic

Supposing you're engaged in sort of content creation and marketing, you know how tasking it is to churn compelling social media content on a regular basis. At times you're full

How To Create Remarkable Social Media Content That Actually Drives Traffic

Supposing you're engaged in sort of content creation and marketing, you know how tasking it is to churn compelling social media content on a regular basis.At times you're full of great ideas, other times you experience a writer's block and you labor with remolding a dull topic into something exceptional. Add deadlines, and competing preferences and the matter becomes a worrying point that you'd want to vanish.Luckily, creating compelling content isn't as arduous as you may think. Include a few elements of your social media content strategy, and you'll start churning out incredible content in no time.Here are some of the ways to regularly create exceptional content.

1. Make Your Followers Feel Chick And Stylish

SocialSkinny reported that customers are 25% more inclined to purchase a product or service they'd be pleased to own. Also, chances of a purchase decrease by a similar amount where a social platform sharing button is planted near the product.Poo-Pourri deals with a sensitive topic subtly on their social media posts.Some content creators fixate their content on business-centered or professional goals. Instead, you could engage your following by introducing though leadership ideas. Focus on Infographics, statistics, actionable content and research that adds practical value to your shareable content.Supposing you provide meaningful benefit to your audience, they're odds-on to share your content with others.

2. Create Juicy Gossip

Why do we gossip? Typically, it's because the news is too sensational not to share. Great tittle-tattle tends to be intriguing and surprising. Such content is shared a lot as it draws a little from emotion, humor and self-definition categories.HelloFlo, a subscription service, tackled an often sensitive top for women – tampons – courtesy of their Camp Gyno commercial with humor, heart, and honesty. The ad became a viral hit and recorded almost six million views within a month of posting.We understand it's taxing to construe such content, most of us recognize it upon seeing it. Pay attention to fresh, compelling and original stuff being shared. Take note of recurring themes and discharges to aid you to draw up your zeitgeist.

3. Create Inspirational Quotes

We all love motivational messages and quotes that spur us into action. Moving content is, therefore, a hit on social platforms for this reason. Sharing such quotes speaks volumes about your brand. These quotes reveal what keeps your team moving each morning to do what it is that you do.Quotes exude your brand's personality and purpose on social media. However, keep things simple and use the same template for posting image quotes.

4.Create Compelling And Easy To Read Blog Posts

Blogging ranks among the top strategies to position your brand in the market. Ranking 5th among the most trusted sources of information; blogs are incredible tools to demonstrate your expertise. Your audience will realize the value on offer that offers answers to their troubles.Social media networks provide an excellent platform to popularize your blog content. Include a complimenting image for all your text for added exposure.Again tailor your message to your target audience. For instance, LinkedIn is suitable for professionals while Facebook appeals to a family and friends audience. Customize your posts appropriately to make your message more effective.

5.Leverage Controversy

If some hate it, other most likely love it. Such controversial content will get shared most of the times. An October 2013 publication of Journal of Consumer Research by Jonah Berger and Zoey Chen investigated how controversial topics impacted on peoples' willingness to discuss them.The duo's study revealed that content on somewhat controversial subjects tends to arouse sufficient ire to have an effect which is the best emotive spark for spawning viral social media content.


Present-day with tons of content competing for consumers' attention all the time, brands face a monumental task in matters regarding social media content capable of occupying people's attention.Marketers are in a perpetual state of competition with other content on social platforms like ready to stream TV-shows, ceaseless personal to-do checklists, Buzzfeed, status updates from followers and so on.Add the above ideas to your social media content plan to create interactions and create a buzz on all your platforms. With consistency, such responsiveness will boost other primary objectives in your content marketing strategy like leads, website traffic, and sales.


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