Jul 5, 2023

Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter

In just a little over 10 years, Twitter has grown from being a play thing for communicating between friends, to a vehicle used by press outlets, corporations, and even global

Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter
Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter

In just a little over 10 years, Twitter has grown from being a play thing for communicating between friends, to a vehicle used by press outlets, corporations, and even global governments. It is used for every purpose imaginable under the general guise of communications, and its influence around the world can hardly be overstated. That being the case, it's only natural that developers everywhere would want to invest plenty of time and effort into creating apps which complement the platform and extend its usage. Here are some of the best apps currently on the market, which work well with Twitter and add value to its general usage.


This app provides the most current and up-to-the-minute Material Design style presentation for feeds in Twitter. It has extremely attractive layouts, smooth ad-free operation, and dynamic animations which add to its overall appeal. The theme engine built into the app provides for detailed color control, the capability to retain searches and lists, to create swipe-ready pages used on your main screen, the ability to remove unnecessary features, the capability of finding GIF's, the ability to edit photos prior to having them posted, and you'll also get distinct modes for Nighttime and Do Not Disturb, when you want to be left alone.

Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter

You can layout your screen for optimum usage by making use of the compact timeline layout feature, and you can choose to have tweets displayed from your favorite users, as well as to be notified whenever those individuals post something new. The app also provides some powerful muting options for various Twitter clients, hashtags, retweets, users, and expressions. Currently, the app costs $3, and it is capable of supporting two accounts. It can also be used in tandem with an Android smartwatch which is equipped with Wear OS.

Tweetbot 5

For a mere $5, you can use Tweetbot 5 to annotate your current Twitter feed in any way that you would like to. This app is made exclusively for iOS, and it has mute and timeline filtering so that you can customize what you see and who you talk to. You'll be able to create your own rules-based filters and keyword-based filters, so that you can block tweets associated with various hashtags, keywords, and users. There is a feature called Profile Notes which allows you to privately annotate user profiles, so that you can remember who you're following and who's following you.

Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter

You can customize timelines which allow you to create and manage lists, whether public or private, and then put them into use as curated timelines. Tweetbot 5 will also allow you to quickly switch between any lists you've created, and choose one for use as your main timeline. There's also a feature called iCloud Sync which lets you synchronize your reading position, so that there is a seamless crossover between desktop and mobile devices. You also have the ability to initiate tweet topics which can be automatically linked to other tweets, you can make extensive use of hashtags, and you can also create Tweetstorms.


This app was originally known as Touiteur, and has a very appealing appearance which makes your overall usage of Twitter a little more enjoyable. It's also customizable to increase your functionality, allowing you to colorize any specific friends or timelines, to set up multiple accounts, to share streaming video, and to share tweets to other platforms such as Facebook. There is a smart discussion reader which can isolate any conversations you have particular interest in, or which you may have contributed to. Plume has a suite of widgets which make it much easier to send tweets, even when you happen not to be in the app at the time. This app also has Bitly URL support, as well as support for in-line communications, geo-tagging and swipe scrolling.

Fenix 2

Best Apps for Engaging on Your Small Business Twitter

A new and modernized Twitter experience is what awaits you when using Fenix 2. It costs $4, it supports multiple accounts, and it provides image and video previews, as well as support for Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr. It also features a customizable main screen, where saved searches and saved lists are instantly recallable. It gives you a very appealing layout for all your Twitter conversations, and you have the capability of filtering out bothersome hashtags, keywords, or users. It also offers dark or light themes, so you'll have your choice between these two when setting up.


TwitPane is a really powerful Twitter app which is flexible and mobile, and very responsive. It supports up to three free Twitter accounts and has customizable tabs as well as design features. You can also tailor your filtering and auto pagination, and any account switching that you do with the compose dialogue. This app also allows you to share multiple GIFs and photos with anyone you care to, you can engage in Twitter conversations, edit lists, search through all your tweets, and view trends occurring in Twitter.


Because Twitter is a free app, it is obliged to carry all kinds of ads and promotions among its postings, so that users don't have to the pay for the privilege of usage. When you use Twitterrific, you'll be able to obtain a chronological tweet presentation which is free of all such promotions, and has the ability to search for an appropriate GIF or meme to be used along with your own tweets. The app's appearance can be tweaked using a control panel, so that you can alter the images, color scheme, fonts, and even the thumbnails.You'll have the capability of filtering out material and blocking people you don't care to communicate with, and you can synchronize reading among your various mobile devices, to make it easier to pick up where you left off. With Twitterrific, it will be very easy to respond to other people's tweets, to post from different accounts, and to view any conversations you'd like to. You'll also be able to use 3D Touch, external keyboards, list management, and the iOS VoiceOver accessibility feature.

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