Apr 1, 2024

9 Ways To Get More Views, Engagement, And Shares For Your Facebook Business Page

If Google is the undisputed leader in search engines, Facebook is the champion of all social media platforms boasting of an incredible 1.37 billion daily users as of the 3rd

9 Ways To Get More Views, Engagement, And Shares For Your Facebook Business Page

If Google is the undisputed leader in search engines, Facebook is the champion of all social media platforms boasting of an incredible 1.37 billion daily users as of the 3rd quarter of 2017 according to Stastista. But how many shares and visits is your Facebook business page getting from the 1.37 billion users?

How often do your posts look like a deserted graveyard without any likes or shares?The problem stems from the lack of know-how on dominating Facebook. You need be a social media a guru to increase engagement, shares, and views. Anyone familiar with the tips we are about to share on growing views, shares and engagement can run a successful Facebook business page promotion campaign.The rise of authority social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, search engines take note of the number of signals to individual platforms to establish a page's ranking.

Meaning, more likes, retweets, and shares improve page rankings and boost your SEO efforts. Increased engagement also helps in getting your message to audiences, not in direct contact with you.Here are 9 ways to receive more views, engagement, and shares for your Facebook business page. The tips are simple yet effective.

But before you start the process, take some time to scrutinize your Facebook page. Is it correctly set up?Partially filled profiles are a let-down, and people avoid them. Therefore, it's vital you thoroughly fill your profile with pertinent details and images.Anybody who visits your profile must single out and make a connection between you, your brand and your Facebook profile or page. Once you're done with that step, it's time to move on.

1. Optimize Your Pages' Info

Many a time people will see your cover image, profile picture, and the short description. Consequently, ensure your Facebook page contains all the necessary details pertaining your brand, engaging description and catchy cover image.Strive to fill out as many details as possible, and it will pay off by aiding your page to appear on Facebook and Twitter whenever users search for your brand. Such a move will increase your Facebook followers considerably.

2. Keep Things Short And Simple

Up to 605 of users never read headlines and post descriptions entirely; thus it's important to keep things as simple as possible. If anyone considers your content worth sharing based on the description and title, he'll do so believing it's high-quality content.However, should a post have a complicated or confusing title, users will avoid it rather than share.A study by Buffer revealed shorter descriptions work best and result in 60% more engagement as compared to medium and more extensive descriptions.

3. Emotions Work Wonders

Messages with an emotional touch have a 40% more chance to get shares and likes on Facebook. Aim to trigger your audiences' emotions with either headings or images, and you are set to get tons of Facebook love.Amazement, happiness, sadness, curiosity, and anger work like magic. People are more likely check out content that triggers the mentioned emotions and may share your content for as long as it isn't click-baiting.

4. Prove Your Emotions And Be Active

Log on to Facebook at least twice daily and when engage with your followers. Join relevant groups and like your friends' Facebook business pages.Like their status and photos and assist them in connecting with more users, and they'll most likely return the favor.

5. Add Facebook Social Plug-ins And Sharing Buttons

This step may seem rather simple, and many usually ignore it; however, we've witnessed social sharing surge by 60% in blogs after their owners included a sharing button. Many of us are lazy only a few would visit various social media platforms to share your content manually.However when you present to them an easy option like a sharing button to share your posts directly and with little hassle, a lot more of your readers will share your content.As a precaution, don't include too many share buttons. Having more than five social platform alternatives will see the share rate fall. Also, never copy another website.On the choice of sharing buttons; your type of website, as well as its style, may dictate your choice social media sharing buttons. For instance, fashion or recipe blogger may reap more success with Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn are more suitable for business or technology website.

6. Just Ask

Yep, plain and simple and boosts engagement by over 30%. Most of us desist from posing questions to their audience. Sometimes people read your post and don't bother about sharing, but posing queries can increase shares.Note, however, there is a disparity between asking and pleading. Never supplicate for shares as it makes your brand look third-rate. A one-time request for shares does the trick.

7. Striking Images And Videos

It's known to us that images on Facebook get lots of comments, shares, and love. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean any picture will work, try unique and eye-catching images as opposed to bland photos.Use striking images that pop-out and evoke laughter, sadness or deep-thought. Use an excellent combo of filters and colors to ensure your pictures stand out and who knows; they may go viral!!

8. Use Call-To-Action (CTA's)

Call to action boosts engagement rate irrespective of Instagram or Facebook. A straight-forward CTA such as, "Share if you concur" works well with a good statement or question.

9. Routinely Keep Tabs On Progress And Utilize The Data

You need to track your progress consistently, that's not to mean you've to be online round the clock. Analyze your Facebook Insights to get a thorough understanding of your performance. How many new shares, your reach, likes/unlikes and lots more.An app such as LikeAlyzer can help you get more profound insights into your level of engagement. Fanpage Karma and Buffer aid in gaining a better understanding of the best times to share posts as per your audiences' active time.Take account of all happenings on our Facebook business page and act on them. Tracked progress and data are in vain unless something is done. If specific strategies work great, replicate or improve them.


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