Sep 11, 2023

9 Creative Social Media Post Ideas for New Business Startup

Have you ever had a mind block when deciding what to post on your social media pages? Many business owners struggle with ad content, but you can overcome the blues

9 Creative Social Media Post Ideas for New Business Startup

Have you ever had a mind block when deciding what to post on your social media pages? Many business owners struggle with ad content, but you can overcome the blues with our list of creative ideas.

The three crucial points to keep in mind when creating social media post ideas for business include:

  • Your audience expectations
  • Would you click on your content? (Reversed role)
  • Is it relevant to your business?

If you answer these simple questions when evaluating your social media content, then it’s worth sharing. However, what exactly is good business content worth sharing? It depends on your creativity and marketing trends, which change by the hour on social media. A simple recipe video shared on Facebook, for instance, can go viral within minutes if it captured followers’ emotions and posted at the right time.Below is a list of useful social media post ideas you can adapt to boost your business networks across different sharing platforms.

1. Brand Teasers for New Release Promotions

If you have a new product or service that you’re about to launch, consider hyping up the announcement. Instagram provides a great place to promote teasers using pictures for a new release.

You can also create a short promotional video with minimal descriptions on Facebook to raise curiosity and attract new followers on your page. This is a perfect plan for developing great social media posts for businesses selling a variety of products. You can post new releases with every inventory you make.

2. Share Your Business Web page and Blog Posts

Do you have a website or a blog for your business? Sharing your updated articles and products on social sites is the best way to advertise your business. Make sure that you post relevant content to encourage user following and possible sales from the frequent postings that you share.

3. Create Short Videos

Instagram is known for generating a buzz with new trends using specific themes with content. Using a collage theme to boost your pictures, create new hype on IG is video series to trigger content. Ensure that your videos are punchy, fun, and colorful. You can create educative videos or emotional clips to capture people’s feelings and ignite the need to try out your products or services. Exciting videos get shared a lot, so you also earn new followers within hours of uploading your catchy video clips.

4. Memes or GIFs

Besides sharing beautiful images on social media posts for businesses, GIFs and memes provide a perfect way to broadcast your content on social sites. GIFs add fun and humor, making it easy for your target audience to engage and share the irresistible post. Make sure it’s interesting enough for your followers to scroll past. GIFs display your brand’s personality, and the ability to appear trendy and fun. You can use them on your IG, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

5. Partner with Social Media Influencers

Some individuals have become famous over time for posting engaging content on social media. Hiring some of these social influencers to manage your profiles can boost your following within days and bring new clients within a short time. If you feel stuck with your social media post ideas for business and your content is a bit of a drag for readers, hire an influencer to hype up, boost your brand awareness and encourage users to try out your products.Influencer marketing strategies produce more than the double return on investment as opposed to conventional marketing efforts. You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on social media marketing to promote your business online. Look for credible influencers on social media whose audience resonates with your brand.

6. Build #Hashtag Content

Seven out of ten #hashtags used on Twitter and Instagram are branded. You can also use branded hashtags for your social media post ideas for business to engage followers. Hashtag campaigns increase social media brand recognition, and with creative tools, you can observe them over time to see user engagement. Relevance matters with hashtags. Come up with trendy, exciting captions accompanied by captivating pictures and videos highlighting your brand. Think of creating a branded Instagram hashtag your business can use to boost your IG account. Many brands allow users to borrow the hashtags to give reviews or user-generated feedback of people using its products.Create hashtags for your audience to spread the word on their social media accounts is a smart marketing idea for Social media posts for businesses. You can also come up with a hashtag to monitor activity around your branded social media pages.

7. Podcast Episodes

Selling products using plain content can become exhausting for your readers and followers. Develop short, insightful podcasts to share on your social media pages. You can share something that resonates with your brand or creates your podcast. Begin with simple topics around customer feedback or helpful tips or engaging clips on challenges faced in your niche. To get started, check out popular podcasts from a key figure in your industry, and merge that with what your business offers.

8. Share Infographics

Statistics can be tedious to read and appear less appealing to users who would instead scroll away while surfing on social sites. Infographics change the appearance of vital information and engage followers instantly. They provide a fantastic way to reveal a systematic guide to product trends and performance stats, specifically on Pinterest. Infographics allow sharing of visual information, making dull statistics look attractive! You can share related infographics to engage your readers and build your brand visibility to new and existing followers.

9. Sharing Tips and Advice

Aside from sharing sales promotions and ‘‘How to” posts, deviate from the rigorous business promotions and offer valuable tips and advice that you think your followers will appreciate. You can share relevant information on health, lifestyle changes and other suggestions that you think your audience will appreciate.Let your creative mind flow with fresh ideas as you build your business brand with these fabulous social media post ideas. Try different content development styles and use available marketing analytics to guide you on what your brand resonates with, in the end.


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