Apr 1, 2024

10 Easy Steps For Designing A Marketing Plan For Launching A New Product

The business world has changed tremendously over the decade. The ways have changed and so have the business tools. Marketing tools, as well as the means of marketing, have entered

10 Easy Steps For Designing A Marketing Plan For Launching A New Product

The business world has changed tremendously over the decade. The ways have changed and so have the business tools. Marketing tools, as well as the means of marketing, have entered a whole new era. You don’t go running to a PR agency to help you with spreading the word about your new business or creating a marketing plan for launching a new product. During the good old days, marketing objectives for a new product use to be press release and flyers. While many people still stick to the old practices, marketing world has moved on to the digital era of advertisement for good.Today, the Information travels at the speed of light. Unlike the past, mass media operates using small publications and a large number of writers. But with the increase in these small publishers, grabbing people’s attention has also become difficult. People absorb a lot more information these days than they use to do in the past. Hence, whatever is read in minutes is forgotten in seconds. You have to work hard to be remembered. And that is why we bring you 10 easy ways for designing a marketing plan for launching a new product.

1. Get Started Beforehand

You can’t control mass media and nor can you make expectations with the journalists or reporters. Preplan everything and start working on your ideas way ahead of the launch. Making a marketing plan sample for a new product always pays off. Start spreading the words about your launch at least a month before the actual date and keep spreading the news even after the launch. We will further discuss how you can do it.

2. Start The Promotion With Influential People

During the product launch, make sure that you distribute the products among influential people of your community before head so to make your product launch a word of mouth. These influencers can also be your loyal customers or friends who run a blog with a loyal audience. Request these influencers to try out your product and then write a review or post their feedback on your social media pages. These simple networking tasks can help create the hype before your product launch.

3. Give Away Freebies

Whatever product or services that you’re offering, offer it for free during the pre-launch period. Give away samples or full-sized products to your neighbors and friends so they may try and give feedback about your product. You get to have valuable consumer feedback, people get to enjoy a product for free and you get to advertise your product at the same time -  a win-win situation for all. Also, once the consumers have tried a specific product or service, they are more likely to turn to the same product or service for their future needs.

4. Use The Power Of Social Media

Create a hype of social media by posting pictures and images of your products or services. Mainly target the ones who are always eager to try out new things. Let people know what you are going to offer and what benefits they can look forward to by using your product. Use Facebook and Twitter to share pre-launch activities updates and keep people interested in what you’re going to offer.

5. Keep Your Expectations Low

Unless you are one of the most famous brands in the world, don’t make high expectations with your product launch or pre-launch ceremonies. It takes time for people to get used to a product and accept it in their daily lives. If you’re not planning an product launch event then the launch date shall on imply the date when your product will be made available in the market.

6. Make Friends With Journalists

The papers are eventually going to talk about your product and what you have to offer. So, make sure that you’re constantly in contact with various journalists and bloggers who can write about your product even after the launch is completed. Post product launch stories can be any thing like customer stories and experiences.

7. Create Some Hype

Do something out of the ordinary like doing a stunt or making a funny commercial. This way your product will be something that people will remember during their day to day life.

8. Make Partners

People who are personally engaged with a business are more loyal to the business than strangers. So when it comes to making a marketing plan for a new product launch, make sure there are people who have financial stakes in the business.

9. Get A Stall

Try getting a stall at some public event where you can let people try out your product or service. This is one of the most common ways that is utilized by many companies to let people admire their product.

10. Never Go Full Retard

Don’t engage with elements that have nothing to do with the product launch. Your social media following, the likes on Facebook and followers on twitter has nothing to do with actual product sales. So don’t be disheartened by petty things and stay focused on your goals.To sum it all up, make sure that you’re keeping an eye on all elements that are necessary for your product launch. Understand what elements are supposed to roll parallel to each other.  At 99dollarsocial, we are well-versed with making a marketing plan for launching a new product. We can take of tiny things like social media marketing while you focus on the big issues at hand. We provide you with the emotional stability by taking over the minor tasks so that you may take initiatives and think outside the box.We Help Grow Your Business.            Sign Up Today !

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