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The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads I $99 SOCIAL

The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads

When used properly, Facebook Ads can produce some very good results, in terms of generating leads, clicks, and conversions. If you haven’t been seeing the results you would like to have, it may be that you haven’t been using the best techniques,

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New Facebook Guide for Digital Marketing Test Processes

The best way to achieve truly effective results from your social media marketing is to conduct extensive testing, which will serve as a guideline for the kinds of campaigns that you generate in the future. There’s simply no way of knowing

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B2B Video and Social Media I $99 SOCIAL

B2B Video and Social Media

Today’s B2B marketers realize that the most effective way to develop a digital content strategy is by reaching out to customers on the social media platforms where they actually spend time and providing them with content they need and want.

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Improving Security on Your Social Media Accounts

Users of social media are more exposed than you might think about security issues. Your social media accounts might well be exposed to cybercriminals and others with malicious intent, and if they obtain personal information about you, it could be used in

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