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The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join

For marketers looking to stay ahead of the competition, Facebook provides a number of groups you can join so that you can connect with peers and stay abreast of all the trends and business changes that are worth knowing about. With Facebook,

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How to Keep Up with the Constant Changes in Social Media I 99 $ Social

How to Keep Up with the Constant Changes in Social Media

Keeping up with social media trends can literally drive company executives crazy, because they change so often, and because it forces marketing personnel to adapt to those changes so frequently. Many business owners in fact, constantly complain about having to

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10 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses That Will Guarantee Engagement

Facebook post engagement is defined by a comment, a like or as a share. Your posts should focus on providing short, exciting, and relevant content that includes images or videos within the text. Some of the most popular Facebook Pages

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10 Interactive Posts for Facebook That Will Increase Audience Engagement Overnight

Recent findings analyzed by BuzzSumo reveals that Facebook’s most engaging posts contained highly viral photos and video content trending with abundant likes, shares, and comments. Facebook Marketing has become a hotbed of thriving businesses to connect and engage with their

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10 Lessons For Starting An Online Marketing Company

So, you’re interested in starting your very own online marketing company? With more than 3 billion people now online, online marketing is a fast-growing industry. Nearly every business, from your global conglomerate to your local florist needs an online presence.

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Top 7 Questions To Ask Before Signing Up with an Online Media Agency

You’re on the market for an online media agency, but amongst all the digital marketing companies, influencer marketers, media planning agencies and content creators, you feel a little lost on how to pick the right one for your business. In

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