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Looming Elimination of Facebook Ad Set Budgets I $99 SOCIAL

Looming Elimination of Facebook Ad Set Budgets

In early February, Facebook announced that, beginning in September, all existing campaigns as well as all new ones will be migrated over to that platform’s automated campaign budget allocation system. Facebook’s budget allocation system optimizes all campaign budgets across the

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Instagram's New Account-Linking Feature I $99 SOCIAL

Instagram’s New Account-Linking Feature

Fresh from the success of its recent multi-account posts, Instagram is now working on a related option which will link several accounts together and tie them to one secure login, which will help users to manage their different Instagram accounts. This

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Facebook Premiere for Marketers I $99 SOCIAL

2019 Facebook Premiere for Marketers

Facebook Premiere is one of the newest features from the Facebook platform, and it allows you to schedule and upload videos which you have previously recorded so that you can broadcast them live from your Facebook page. This allows you to take advantage of

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The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join I $99 SOCIAL

The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to Join

For marketers looking to stay ahead of the competition, Facebook provides a number of groups you can join so that you can connect with peers and stay abreast of all the trends and business changes that are worth knowing about. With Facebook,

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