9 Amazing Online Marketing Strategies For Dummies

Change is always good. In fact, in our fast developing and ever changing economic world, change is critical in order to keep the interest of your clients. If you have been sharing the same content, information or type of media for the past few years or even months then it is definitely time for a bit of change. The best change you can do in your business is by developing a new online marketing strategy so your business will once again be interesting, engaging, captivating and so you can keep shining brighter than all of your competitors. Here are 9 amazing online marketing strategies for dummies that are bound to transform the way you market your business and give you much better response as well as improved sales.

1. Identify And Focus On Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience may seem simple but isn’t quite as easy as you may think. You can have a million Facebook followers and it won’t help you diddly squat if none of them are actually interested in buying your product. In fact a smaller but more target based audience is much more productive than trying to promote to thousands of people with no real intentions of investing in your products or service. Find out who your true target audience is and start focusing on these groups instead of trying to just get ‘likes’ or ‘follows’.

2. Identify Your Goals Thus Far

What goals where you working towards thus far? Did you aim for online revenue of 20% higher than last year? Did you have any goals at all? Were you simply sharing adverts and media to inform the public of your presence or were you actually engaged in a marketing strategy? If not then it might be a good time to look out for some marketing strategy examples online so you can start developing goals.

3. Identify The Best Digital Marketing Tools You Need And Evaluate Those You Have

There are plenty of digital marketing tools out there and just because a marketing tool is popular doesn’t mean that it is effective. For example; plenty of social media marketers report that even though Facebook has many more users, they receive much better reaction from Twitter feeds than Facebook users. It is important to evaluate the marketing tools you use to establish efficiency and to identify those you should be using.

4. Evaluate And Improve Your Own Content

How does your content own up to that of your competitors? Is your content better, more interesting, more appealing and more engaging or is there room for improvement? There are so many wonderful online resources for great looking free images and so many tools like PicsArt, Fotor Photo Editor, Skrwt and much more that will help even the smallest of businesses create wonderful looking adverts. It could be good to create a content creation plan that will help you develop better titles and a better format for your ad designs. Identifying a goal, reason for creating that specific content and setting priorities for certain product sales can be great for your business.

5. Evaluate The Reaction Of Your Own Content

This is one of the most important online marketing strategies for dummies. Do you get good revenue from your own content or do people simply ignore each and every post you share? It is important to identify the effectiveness of your own content and to learn to measure the effectiveness of your adverts and shared digital strategy. HubSpot is one of the best tools that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your current business marketing strategy.

6. Evaluate The Reaction Of Your Paid Content

Your paid content is the content on which you spend money in order to get more revenue or reaction. If you haven’t gotten much reaction lately then it might be good to seek out more effective paid media structures and to start using different techniques. If you do get good reactions from certain paid media then you know to stick to those channels.

7. Set New Goals Regularly

This is another important marketing strategy for dummies. Your goals should be amended regularly. Choose a time frame for your goals and set a limit for each goal you would like to reach. How many more page likes would you like this year? By what percentage do you want your web traffic to increase this year? Your goals should be modified and adjusted as you progress and reaching these new goals should always be your main focus point.

8. Set Up A Schedule

Creating a schedule for yourself is probably the best market strategy for dummies. It is so easy to forget to log onto your social media accounts or to get bored by the entire marketing endeavor. Create a monthly schedule and map out events, special occasions, important dates and much more for your online marketing and stick to your schedule no matter what. Being consistent and constantly active is two of the biggest success factors in effective marketing. If you go a week without posting you can miss out on a lot of opportunities and a week can quickly turn into a month or even months.

Your marketing schedule shouldn’t be too uniform. People like to read new things, explore new information and learn new things. Leave plenty of room in your schedule for improvement, creativity and for new ideas.

9. Evaluate The Success Of Your New Strategy

It is important to constantly evaluate the success of your marketing strategy. Using an ineffective strategy for too long can damage the popularity of your social media pages. Check in on HubSpot regularly to see if your posts are still effective, if you are making good progress towards reaching your goals and if you are still on the right course. If your marketing strategies prove not to be effective then it might be good to start making some adjustments until you find the right methods that captivate your audience best.


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